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Podcast April, 2 2017

As he came up to the window It was the sound of a Nintendo He came into the apartment Saw cheeto stains, on the carpet And then over on the table There was a chewed up AV cable So he ran into the bedroom He was struck down, it was his Doom64 Jesse, are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok, Jesse?

Podcast March, 26 2017

Just us! Leagues of moviegoers receive their first look at what’s sure to be one of the most super, wondrous, flashy, batty, and illuminating films of the year; Baby Driver. We also look at trailers for The Void, Colossal, and an indie drama from up and coming mumblecore director Zack Snyder called… The Justice League?

Podcast March, 19 2017

Today we discuss a group of intergalactic pirates that include genetic freaks, the children of gods, and the hottest man alive: Michael Fassbender. We’re of course discussing Alien: Covenant...’s new trailer! Also, there’s a new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and in a sick turn of events one of the films most skewered by critics in 2016 is not an Academy Award winning film!

Podcast March, 12 2017

WARNING! This podcast contains spoilers. If you have not seen Logan, please stop the podcast and sprint to your nearest movie theater. Then come back. Here’s the intro. Hey, bub, today we discuss the time Wolverine travelled a great distance to fight the shadow of his past, while also losing his healing factor and learning what it means to be human by finding that he has love in his heart after all. It’s X-Men Origins: The Wolverine Part Logan!

Podcast February, 26 2017

After killing John Wick’s dog, the predator is on the run from Captain Riggs. Also, we want your input regarding a new channel we’ll be launching soon!

Podcast February, 19 2017

When Aquaman and Namor team up with Captain America and Batman, will Iron Man and Superman be able to broker peace before Thanos and Darkseid destroy the earth?

Podcast February, 12 2017

Master chief unsheathes his lightsaber with +2 to his attack rolls. Meanwhile, the ever elusive tracer jumps on her starcruiser with a +50 to base speed.

Podcast February, 5 2017

Cross Platform Podcast: Episode XXXVII It is a dark time for the Dark Knight. Although Zack Snyder has been destroyed, Internet critics have driven the Ben Affleck from his hidden director's chair and pursued him across the project. Evading the dreaded xenomorph hive, a group of aging actors led by Neill Blomkamp has established a new position on the remote chances of ever getting a movie made. The evil Robert Englund, obsessed with wearing Freddy Krueger makeup, has dispatched thousands of interviews into the far reaches of the internet....

Podcast January, 29 2017

The studios rose from the ashes of the nuclear box office returns. Their war to exterminate the Terminator franchise had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in 2015. It would be fought here, in our present. Actually, probably sometime a couple of years from now...

Podcast January, 22 2017

Trailer? I hardly know her!

Podcast January, 15 2017

In Cross Platform Podcast #34, Jesse is imprisoned on the other side of the new year without his mighty microphone and finds himself in a race against time to get back to talk about all the new trailers that have come out over the past month. But first he must survive a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against his fellow Platformer - the Magnificent Mark!

Podcast January, 8 2017

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Podcast December, 9 2016

Christmas Eve is the scariest damn night of the year!

Podcast December, 2 2016

Some things never change. Tom Cruise is running, King Arthur is British, Aliens are scary as hell, and I am groot!

Podcast November, 27 2016

This week, we discuss an entity that is devastatingly effective at taking control of people and keeping out of sight, causing intense paranoia in anyone it encounters: Sombra from the new Overwatch update! On a completely unrelated note, Mark went to see John Carpenter’s The Thing in theaters!

Podcast November, 20 2016

Remember, remember the 24th of November, the casserole, green beans, and cot. I know of no reason the Thanksgiving season should ever be forgot.

Podcast November, 13 2016

Today, we throw order to the wind and submit to the deluge of trailers recently released, including XXX: The Return of Professor Xavier, and a movie about the burgeoning need for superheroes in the face of galactic terror. Didn’t we do this one, already?

Podcast November, 6 2016

While hunting the notorious space villain Kahn and his pet dragon, Smaug the Magnificent, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Strange ask Julian Assange if he’s seen any good movies lately. He says Marvel Studios have just created a big-budget remake of the 1992 Full Moon Features film Doctor Mordrid.

Podcast October, 30 2016

I was sitting on my couch, late one night; when my eyes beheld an eerie sight; for my Xbox from its drive, began to load; and suddenly, to me it showed; OVERWATCH MASH… Overwatch Monster Mash….

Podcast October, 23 2016

Mark remembers his Alamo Dismemberment. It was a total Creepshow prognosis, Terminal. Later, doctors perform a Hidden Autopsy to find One Rogue, an Assassin, a Guardian and the WestWorld.

Podcast October, 16 2016

Mark stares into the camera, shaking with fear, he reaches for the right words, but can not gain his composure. Finally he catches his breathe and manages to utter SEGA. Fuck you, San Diego.

Podcast October, 9 2016

Victor Von Doom, Iron Man and a Warrior walk into a restaurant, the hostess asks, table for one? How is this possible? I am not sure but perhaps a Batman with a subtle purple theme can crack the case.

Podcast September, 18 2016

When Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson perform the Fusion Dance they create DeadStroke. Pee Wee Herman is still invited to their birthday party. When Mario and Tim Cook perform the Fusion Dance they create an okay game you can not charge and listen to earbuds at the same time.

Podcast September, 10 2016

Jesse is wacky, Mark is serious, but they will have to learn to work together if they are to rip off the stock market, the cops, and the dense, gold-ridden forests of Indonesia as The Rolling Stones play in the background. Based on a fictionalized non-fiction untrue story three witnesses removed!

Podcast September, 4 2016

The hype train pulled into the hype station, and releases the hype games. They order hype taxis and drive into hype town to meet with the hype mayor. Afterwards, a hype parade was held in their honor. Moral of the story, hype does not always mean bad.

Podcast August, 28 2016

So Luke Cage and a blind man walk into a bar. The bartender asks Anyone here know who the Defenders are? From the back of the bar, Captain Marvel responds with: Are they in the X-Men franchise or MCU? Cage responds: Defender? I barely know her! Hey! Oh! Ba Dum Tss

Podcast August, 28 2016

With an almost infinite amount of rogue Pokemon roaming on an infinite amount of worlds, what will happen when Nintendos lawyers find out?

Podcast August, 21 2016

Once again we venture into DC territory. We get closer and closet to meeting a flock of Robins. Will Will Smith smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith.

Podcast August, 14 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the cross platform podcast! Today we analyze the time machine Samwise jumped into to find Spocks mom and that one guy from the Green Hornet. That one guy was later said to have jammed out pretty hard to Johnny B. Goode at the Fish Under the Sea Dance. No one else at the dance was ready for that yet, but their kids are gonna love it.

Podcast August, 7 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the cross platform podcast! Today we are discussing God and man, day and night, Son of Krypton and Bat of Gotham. Apparently, the new Justice League theme song is Icky Thump and we ask the Joker where he got his grill. Spoiler Alert: It is a George Foreman.

Podcast July, 31 2016

Welcome to the Cross Platform Podcast. Today we are discussing Harley Quinns rise to fame as the beautiful sidekick to the notorious clown prince of crime, Sponge Bob Square Pants. Today, you will not find her in a pineapple under the sea, but you will find roughly 300 of her at San Diego Comic Con.

Podcast July, 24 2016

Welcome to the Cross Platform Podcast! Today we’re talking with Top Gym Trainer Rocky Balboa. Oddly enough, his most powerful Pokemon is Magikarp. Using only Splash, he went the distance against rival trainer Apollo Creed.

Podcast July, 17 2016

Part 2

This week on the cross platform podcast, we’re discussing nostalgic memories and ideas. Diving into the depths of our childhood to fish out our favorite recommendations for future projects.

Podcast July, 10 2016

Part 1

This week on the cross platform podcast, we’re discussing nostalgic memories and ideas. Diving into the depths of our childhood to fish out our favorite recommendations for future projects.

Podcast July, 3 2016

In a huge plot twist, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are responsible for the Overwatch downfall. Why? We’ll never know. Meanwhile the entire DC Universe takes a few minutes out of their day to pay tribute to Anton Yelchin (Checkov).

Podcast June, 26 2016

After killing the god Cthulhu, Kratos teams up with John Shepherd to wipe out a zombie population using giant Titan mechs. However, they were hacked by a Dishonored Mafia hitman and forced to a life of constant VR as Norman Reedus.

Podcast June, 19 2016

This week on the Cross Platform Podcast we discuss a fraternity of green hued characters that attack from the shadows: THE THREE JOKERS. Also, Captain America goes to Hail, and we learn how Professor Michael Bay disposed all of his precious film canisters except for one, which was promptly stolen by The Shredder and released to the public in an attempt to destroy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once and for all.

Podcast June, 12 2016

This week on the Cross Platform Podcast we discuss the latest installment in a long-running series of comic book films. This film had a lot to live up to following the previous film in the series, and features an ego-maniacal villain with a skin condition who believes that the only way to save the world is to destroy it. Really, the whole plot of the film could have been avoided if it was not for the bone-headed decisions made by one of the heroes, but luckily they were well equipped to handle the situation. We have the guy that can move through walls, a girl with psycho-kinetic powers, a savage animal with funky skin-pigmentation, a guy whose powers will not work without mechanical assistance, and Quicksilver! This is, X-Men: Age of Ultrapocalypson!

Podcast June, 5 2016

This week on the Cross Platform Podcast we discuss the subjects you can major in at Master Splinter’s school for gifted ninjas. Requirement for graduation is lifting Mjolnir. The school has only one alumni: Bruce Wayne.

Podcast May, 29 2016

This week on the Cross Platform Podcast we discuss the secret war between Spider-Man and John Marston, and their race for the holy pokeball. They never did find that pokeball, but they did ultimately end up finding the locust horde.

Podcast May, 8 2016

While looking for love in all the wrong places, The Shredder finally admits his true feelings to Talia Al Ghul. However, her heart belongs to only one man, Captain James T. Kirk. Locked into an eternal battle, these adversaries choose to settle their differences with a not-so-friendly game of checkers. Legend says, they are still playing to this day.

Podcast May, 1 2016

While seeking the Holy Grail, Tony Stark used a pair of European Swallows to acquire the coconuts he so desperately needed. On his journey, he joins forces with Dwight Schrute and Dr. John Watson. The trio reach the Holy Grail, only to find Aunt Mae has dipped into the fountain of youth, and regained 30 years.

Podcast April, 24 2016

Today on the Cross Platform Podcast we are talking about Bruce Wayne and his journey to Mordor. Along the way he joined forces with Walter White and scored 50 points for house Gryffindor. Afterwards, both of them became Jedi Knights aboard the starship Enterprise.

Podcast April, 5 2016

Welcome to the first Cross Platform Podcast! We're happy you joined us today, we have an amazing show for you all. If you have an opinion to share, we'd be happy to hear what you have to say. To voice your opinion, you can tweet, comment or email us and your opinion might be read aloud on the next podcast!